Networks & Security: Learning the Basics of Telecommunications and Information Security


The ever-shifting global environment holds significant implications for the management and use of information technology (IT). The evolutionary role of IT in business has led to an increased need to understand the fundamentals of IT infrastructure and the potential risks and threats an organization faces when it becomes networked to society. IT touches every aspect of our lives, often in unimaginable ways; the existence of cyber-crime shows that new technologies create new threats as well as offering significant benefits. This is the information age where the right information delivered to the right place at the right time can make the difference between success and failure. As future IT professionals, our goal is to support business initiatives and ensure the safety of both information and systems against internal and external threats.

Wiki Goal

The goal of this wiki is to immerse society in the world of telecommunications (IT infrastructure) and network/information security. Regardless of the type of business a person may end up working for, including his or her very own start up, the reliance on telecommunications will be present. Furthermore, the importance of safely accessing organizational information and resources will be paramount to the success of any business endeavor. Network/information security is more than just knowing the 1’s and 0’s. Becoming a security-conscious IT professional is about developing a core philosophy that anticipates potential threats and attempts to mitigate business exposure to ensure the continued operations and success of your organization.

Telecommunications Topics

The following topics focus on developing an understanding of how the Internet functions, systems communication across networks, and the basics of networking. Topics that will be covered include: hardware, protocols, standards, and applications.

Networking 101

Network Standards

IP Routing & Switching

Wireless & Mobile Computing

Networked Applications

Security Topics

The following topics focus on developing an understanding of the information security field. In this area, we move beyond telecommunications and consider all aspects of information security, including: physical security, social engineering, applications development, etc. The purpose of this section is to introduce you to the world of information security.

For information about the Security Leadership Project.

Information Security - General

Ethical Hacking

Pentesting 101

Application Security

Social Engineering & Physical Security

Security Architectures

Incident Response Management & Digital Forensics

Electronic Data Protection Management


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